Our Network Services

Sharknet premier application service and infrastructure provider in the Pakistani market. The primary objective of Sharknet is to provide and implement the most comprehensive and fully integrated e-business solutions to medium and small enterprises by partnering with the world’s technology leaders such as Microsoft, oracle, Hewlett Packard, and Equant.

These are Sharknet Network Services:-

  • Network design and upgrades
  • Network cable installation
  • Network Troubleshooting & Service
  • LAN / WAN Solutions
  • Wireless Networking
  • PC & Macintosh repair and upgrades
  • Computer Network security
  • Disaster Planning and Data Recovery

Network design and upgrades

Networking becomes a key to organizations ability to Access data, share work, and is more efficient overall. We have developed techniq-ues to quickly identify key bottle-necks in your infrastructure, and have solutions for you. We will develop specific and clear docu-mentation of your infrastructure to assure network performance is kept at a maximum.

we are equipped and trained to design and configure the most complex of networks.

Network Cable Installation

Even if you have a wireless network, there are cables. Most of our clients have a mix of both these days. But they all started the sameCabling experienced. We know the proper ways of installation because we know that cable is the backbone of your network. Cat-5, Cat-6, fiber, voice, data, or most any other cabling you can throw at us.

LAN / WAN Solutions

LAN (Local Area Network) Solutions are an excellent addition to a workplace.  Networks allow users to share software and even peripheral devices, thus cutting down the expenses for computer equipment.  Sharknet can assist your business by setting up a highly secure network.  We can also install and implement a server for your network.

WAN (Wide Area Network) Solutions provide clients the opportunity to connect remotely to their offices.  This remote office connectivity is beneficial for those clients who have staff working from other locations.  A remote user is able to share information and receive information with others at the central office via the network, thus cutting down on other communication expenses. Sharknet can implement remote connections to Sharket to allow for remote service by our technicians to diagnose and often resolve problems without come to your establishment.

Wireless Networking

Wireless LAN networking is a perfect technology for environments where movement is required.

For example, retail environments can benefit when employees use a wireless portable computer or handheld device to enter inventory information directly into the store database from the sales floor.

Even if no wireless infrastructure is present, wireless portable computers can still form their own ad hoc networks to communicate and share data with each other.

PC & Macintosh Repair and Upgrades

You may want to upgrade your PC for a number of reasons.  Maybe you want to speed up your CPU or use the newest version of your operating system software.Perhaps you need to upgrade a sound or graphics card to handle your newest equipment.  Or maybe you need more space in your hard drive.

All of these are reasons to upgrade.  Sharknet can help make your computer what you desire it to be.  The most common upgrade requested of Sharknet professionals is upgrading additional memory.

Computer Network Security

Certified A+ and Microsoft network technicians are at your service! From installs to patches to making sure your e-mail is working fine, Sharknet’s computer technicians and security consultants are on your side. Let our experience help you when things go wrong, and prevent them from doing so. Let us perform a computer security audit and your network and see if your security systems stand up to the test. Computer security audits can sometimes be a harsh reality check.

Sharknet delivers a broad spectrum of services to our clients. Let’s face it. You probably don’t notice your computer systems network much – unless it’s down. And if your network is down, your business is down.

Disaster Planning and Data Recovery

Even using the best security tools and procedures does not fully ensure that there will not be any interruption in information services. The interruption can come accidentally or can be done intentionally. Disasters occur with unnerving frequency; their adverse consequences increase for those who do not prepare for predictable contingencies. Although, the chances of losing a system entirely are very slim, it still exists. This is the reason why it is important to evaluate the consequences that can rise from losing a critical system.